branding & Strategy

Building brands. Building business.

At m8creative, a core element of our offering is brand building – whether it’s creating new brands from scratch or developing existing brands.

We work with our clients to fully understand what they want to achieve, what direction they need to take and how we can better connect their brand to their target audiences.

We use research methods and creative processes to achieve this intimate connection with your customers and utilise traditional communications methods plus evolving technologies such as Augmented Reality, Social Media and Motion Graphics to bring your brand to life and thrive in the real and digital worlds.

Our branding expertise:
We have worked with our clients on individual brand elements (i.e. strategy, logo development, identity, implementation) or by delivering a full programme based on the following three areas of our brand agency offering:

• Brand strategy

• Brand identity

• Brand implementation and ongoing brand guardianship

m8creative is the brand agency to help you reach your objectives. Please call us on 0800 689 9395 or contact us to talk through some options and see if we’re the right fit for you.

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