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People are fed up with advertising and promotional gimmicks. Consumers are smarter than that and they only respond when they trust a brand. Understanding your target consumer is absolutely essential. We can assist you in strengthening your brand position through effective and inspired design, supported by intelligent and creative marketing.

We focus on clearly identifying the message, prioritising the information and controlling the flow of communication to maximise the effectiveness of the design... but then sometimes you just might want a piece of magic that makes you go wow! We deliver on both!

Whatever the brief, we’re a creative agency that provides our clients with a professional, yet refreshingly personal, approach to business. We work with our clients to build long-lasting partnerships. Our performance focus guarantees return on investment for our clients. Here at m8creative, we help our clients to shine.

About Frank
Frank Chimero is a Brooklyn-based designer and author of The Shape of Design. He may not be a household name but in the world of graphic design he is emerging as somewhat of a demigod. He has worked for clients including Microsoft, Starbucks, Facebook, Newsweek, Bloomberg Businessweek, GOOD Magazine, and more.
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