5 Things to consider

Points to consider before you embark on choosing a design agency

Having a well conceived brand with clear values, goals and objectives is critical in enhancing the connection between a business and its customers. Businesses that do these things well are able to attract, built rapport and convert more customers than those with poorly conceived ideas. Here are a few tips on how to find a design agency best suited to your needs:

Establish Your Goals

Before you embark on choosing your design agency, take time to understand what your brand and business goals are. Do you want to sell your products, promote your business, educate your customers or have a combination of things? Who are your target audience? We will pull together a cohesive mix of our services to ensure that you meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

Services and Portfolio

Each design agency has a work portfolio that contains information about the quality of their services, professionals and how much experience the company has. Compare your potential design firms portfolios and choose the best out of them.

Understand their Working Process

Look for a company that offers you a thorough working process. A good company should give you a staged program of the steps required in the completion of your work, together with accurate costings and realistic completion date. Find out whether they carry out detailed analysis and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do

Creditable agencies will always provide you with a list of clients they have served. Take time to find out how they rate the services. You can do this by reading the feedback and reviews from these clients on the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR) website. Look for an agency with a strong reputation across their range of services. We are highly recommended by all of our clients and we realise that the value of their opinion is key to our success.

Is location important when choosing the right fit?

In the present day is it really necessary to factor in the physical location of your agency? Although you may require more meetings at the start of a new relationship or project, we would argue that it is not fundamental to a successful client relationship. Our clients are regional, national and international and we offer the same level of support to all.

RAR Recommended

Recommended by our clients

You want to appoint a new agency. It's a big decision so you want to make an informed choice. We can bang our own drum all day long, but we'd rather you look at the recommendations that current clients have left on the RAR website.